Do you do custom orders?
Well, let us think about it! We're definitely happy to make co-branded products or projects for like-minded companies, and perhaps (but not generally), we might find to to develop private ideas too. Please contact and we’ll see what we can do ;)
How should I clean rubber?
No worries, we designed our bags to be able to take some abuse! Just apply a dab of dish soap onto the stain and gently rub it with a damp towel or an old toothbrush. Rubber is nonabsorbent so with a little diligence, it will come clean. When needed, you may simply put our bags into the washing machine (inside out, dark colours separately, 30 celsius). Just turn it inside out, use very little washing powder, avoid using softener as rubber doesn’t really like them and afterwards wipe it with a dry cloth. (watch out! Vienna handbags have wooden handles, and that mustn’t be put in a washing machine.)
My bag broke! What is your warranty policy?
What? Not possible :( Well, while we take great care to produce quality products that stand the test of time, occasionally something will go awry. We evaluate each product failure individually but in most cases we will replace the bag or issue a credit for our online store, given that the damage is beyond normal wear and tear. But most of all, we seek to get a functioning Balkantango bag back in your life again.
The Balkantango bag I received isn’t what I was expecting. Can I return it?
Oh bummer! Yes, of course you can return it. Just send it back within a week and we will refund your money or give you a credit for purchasing another product. Of course, the bag must be unused and in like-new condition.
What should i do if i exposed it to direct sunshine or left it next to the radiator?
Just wash it and wipe it with a dry cloth, and it will revive! But please avoid prolonged exposion to radiating heat.
What should i do if my bag left marks on my cloth?
The inner tubes are made from grime and silicone, so unfortunately some of them may leave marks on light coloured cloth. Clean the marks with stain-remover and remember: do not wear your bag with very light coloured clothes.
Where do you get the inner tubes from?
We collect the litter of several bicycle repair salons in Budapest and Basel.
Where does the name “Balkantango” come from?
Füsun Ipek, the lady behind Balkantango was born in Istanbul, grew up in Budapest and learned to party in between: the Balkans. Another rumour has it that the link between Balkan and tango resembles the conjunction between fashion accessories and rubber waste.
Which of your bags fit laptops?
For up to 14” laptops you can choose between: BUDAPEST ‘L’ and ISTANBUL ‘L’. 12” laptops are comfortable to carry in every ‘M’ sized bags along with ZAGREB tote and VIENNA handbag.
Which of your bags fits an iPad?
Even our smallest bags: BUDAPEST ‘S’ and ISTANBUL ‘S’ comfortably fit an iPad. And don’t forget about our CONSTANTA iPad sleeves.
Why is my bag smelly?
The inner tubes might have a special smell, which most bicycle freak fellows respect :) If you don’t like it, don’t be afraid, it will be gone in a few weeks (If you should still have some suspicion, let us tell you, that the tubes have been washed minimum three times before you get them as a bag.)